Dormeo Mattress Reviews

Here’s a full list of all the Dormeo mattress collections available on

It’s made by an upcoming mattress blog called queens mattress

There are many MANY dormeo mattress models and many dormeo mattress collections.

It all started in 2002 when dormeo made their first foam mattress.

It’s actualy designed by italian designers, which brings a lot of style to the dormeo mattress look.

Dormeo is one of the most popular brands in the world for a reason – great quality and great designs.

If you don’t know what mattress size you need, you can find it here in this article called matress sizes uk.


TOP 10 Foam Mattresses UK

If your’re looking for a foam mattress than go to this link made by queens mattress.

Foam mattresses are great for those who don’t like a mattress that has a hard surface, nor do they seek a deep sink in, soft mattress.

It’s the perfect average for a good night’s sleep.

They (Queens Mattress) also have a nice list of back pain mattress in uk

This website also has short but sweet articles about mattresses in uk

Here’s one on memory foam mattresses

It links to another site called queens mattress

You can find loads of info about mattresses in there

Very targeted site, you won’t see anything that is not related to mattresses on this site.

We believe that great brands must be proud to do what they do

Because these guys are the ones who change the industry.


Memory foam mattres list

Here is an awesome list of Memory foam mattress

Queens mattress is a briliant site that is massively underrated and should be looked into.

At this day and age you don’t need to be a research expert, because bloggers do it for you.

That’s why we are linking these articles here, because we don’t need to re-write them – they’re already written.

And it seems like it’s done by professionals


What to do with an old mattress?

Here is a full artcicle on this topic

what to do with an old mattress?

Written by Queens mattress

Basically, you need to figure our if you want to sell it, throw it away or give it away.

You don’t really have more options than that.

It’s up to you to decide the destiny of your old mattress, so choose wisely.

Queens mattress has started with a few long, informative articles, that deeply answer the main question of the topic.

But fitnessdome also has a few articles related to mattresses

Here’s one for example about queens mattress

It answer’s what queen size mattress should you buy

Beause there are so many options to choose from only on amazon

These articles come in handy


How to protect mattress when moving house?

This is a great question, and there is a great article about how to protect mattress when moving house

It’s made by a new but quite cool site called queens mattress

If you want to protect your mattress, look no further.

It is a long article made by a professional british writer, who has years of experiences in writing articles.

But in particular, this site focuses on mattresses only.

It is a very targeted niche website.

If you need find out the mattress sizes you can look here to.

Specifficaly mattres sizes in uk.

And if you want to buy a new mattress instead of the old one you have, I think it’s a great place to do so.

Some of the articles are written by us, like this one about foam mattresses


Queens Mattress: What queens mattress to Buy?

Hello, this article is made to answer this question

There’s many other articles on this site that talk about mattress size uk

But this is not about that

In this article we’ll talk about queens mattress

That website is full of informative articles about mattresses in uk

You can find your size as well as your favorite mattress brand

But we also write some cool articles related to mattresses

And we need to show them to you

Here is one called what to do with an old mattress?

It also has some links to queens mattress

But it covers more topics than that

Old mattresses can be thrown away, given away, or sold

You have to make the right choice

And we will help you with that


Mattress Sizes UK

This article will explain how many Mattress sizes are there in Uk

Here’s an article on from Queens Mattress

And here are the differnt mattress sizes uk

But in general, there are about 6 sizes of mattresses in uk.

How do they travel with the mattresses?

To be more precise, how to transport matrreses?

Well, you have to roll up the mattress.

And the reason you have to do that, is that it will save you space as well as keep the mattress protected, if you put it in a mattress bag.

More of that in the article by Queens Mattress

Do mattresses come rolled up?